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How to change the fuel filter on a Range Rover DSE

Continuing on with the basic servicing of the Range Rover, after last weeks air filter change and pollen filter change, its time to take a look at the fuel filter.

Fuel filters don’t cost a lot, but do the important job of filtering the fuel of foreign objects (usually they filter down to 5microns). If they get blocked they can restrict the flow of fuel and impede performance.

Changing a fuel filter is within the grasp of a DIY home mechanic and takes less than 5 minutes to complete. So let’s have a look how you do it.

Preparing to remove the filter

The location of the jubilee clips and fuel filterThe fuel filter is located on the right hand side of the engine. (see pic) and to make access easier on a Range Rover DSE, I removed the air pipe that runs over the top of the engine.

It only takes a minute to do by loosening the jubilee clips at either end as shown in the photo on the right.

Removing the fuel filter

The old fuel filter1: Start by cleaning the area around the filter head.

2: Place a container beneath the fuel filter to catch any spillage. Use a clean container, because you can reuse the fuel to fill up the new filter.

3: Unscrew the drain tap on the bottom of the filter until the fuel starts coming out into your the container.

4: Once all the fuel is drained from the filter, unscrew the whole filter assembly.

The fuel filter head, with filter removed

Fitting the new fuel filter

The new filter in place5: Clean the seal & seating on the new filter.

6: Put a small amount of fuel around the rubber seal to lubricate it.

7: Fill up the new filter with the fuel removed from the old filter. This will save the fuel pump from having to prime the system to remove the air.

8: Carefully screw the new filter onto the filter head and tighten by hand.

9: You can now switch on the ignition to number II for a few seconds to let the fuel pump prime the system removing any left over air. Then start the engine.

That’s your lot – job’s a good ‘un as they say!

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