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  • NewsMerry Christmas from the Land Rover Blog

    Merry Christmas from the Land Rover Blog

    Merry Christmas from the Land Rover Blog! I hope Santa brings you all your favourite Landy goodies!

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    Land Rover Start Off Road

    Land Rover To Pilot New Driving Scheme For 11-17 Year Olds

    Land Rover has developed a unique new driving programme for youngsters – Start Off-Road. The scheme allows 11-17 year olds to get behind the wheel of a Range Rover Evoque and experience true off-road driving, teaching them skills and techniques that they will go on to utilise throughout their future…

  • Land Rover Videos
    Deep Water Land Rover Video

    Deep water Land Rover video!

    Its always fun driving through deep water in your Land Rover. So if you can’t be out and about driving through water, then the next best thing is to watch Land Rovers being driven through deep water. So here you go!

  • How ToCheck the level, and top up if necessary using EP90 oil.

    How to top up the diff oil on a Land Rover

    Being a bit bored the other day, I would thought I would check out the diff oil levels (as you do!) on the Land Rover 110. Its a simple job that takes 5-10 minutes, so I thought it would make a good blog post, so here it is! Topping up…

  • Land Rover Videos
    Top Gear Range Rover Video

    Old Top Gear video: Buying a second hand Range Rover

    Here’s an old Top Gear from 1991 where Quentin Wilson looks at the advantages of buying a second hand Range Rover and potential problems you could face. Quite enjoyed this one, hope you do too!

  • Land Rover Driving
    60 Years of Land Rover

    Video: 60 years of Land Rover

    If you ever wanted a film to make you feel good about owning a Land Rover, then here it is! This video is right up there with another Land Rover 60th anniversary video that we posted up on the blog a year or two ago. Sit back and enjoy the…

  • How To
    A clear MOT fail - rust around the A-frame mount!

    How to weld up the A-frame cross-member on a Land Rover

    The other week, my recent purchase, the Land Rover 110, failed its MOT due to some rusty holes around the A frame mounting. I was not happy, it was the only part of the Land Rover I hadn’t checked when I purchased it a few weeks earlier – sods law!…

  • NewsThe Landy in the snow

    Get your Land Rover ready – the snow is coming!

    So you can’t fail to have noticed that snow is forecast for the UK over the coming week. Traditionally its time for Land Rover (and other 4×4) drivers to get all smug as they continue driving around while the rest of the population struggle. But just remember that although you…

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    2000 reg Range Rover DSE

    Range Rover P38 Video Companion – Part 3

    Here is the final instalment of the P38 Range Rover video companion. If you missed it, here is part 1 and part 2.

  • How To
    2000 reg Range Rover DSE

    Range Rover P38 Video Companion – Part 2

    Here’s the second instalment of the Range Rover P38 Video Companion. If you missed the first part, you can find it here.

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