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  • Dream come true for Dorothy Peters as she takes the surprise off-road drive of her life

    70 years on, watch Dorothy’s emotional Land Rover reunion

    A new video has been released by Land Rover. It features 87 year-old Dorothy Peters who enjoyed a literal drive down memory lane when Land Rover took her off-roading in one of the earliest Land Rovers in existence. Fulfilling a lifelong dream, the retired employee got to go off-road in…

  • Land Rover Defender - Begininng of the end!

    Land Rover Defender: The beginning of the end…

    Defender production ends in Decemeber 2015, and Land Rover have gone back to the place where it all began to start a year-long celebration of the iconic Defender. A unique 1km sand drawing at Red Wharf Bay in Anglesey, UK, marks the launch of three exclusive limited edition models and…

  • Traction Engines pull a Land Rover

    Video: Traction Engines pulling a Series Land Rover

    This video is from the Torbay Steam Fair a few weeks ago. The 2 traction engines are 6 inch scale versions (half size) and it just goes to show how much power the smaller versions can produce. Further up the hill, which I didn’t manage to get on video, the…

  • Green laning in Lancashire and Yorkshire

    Video: Land Rover greenlaning in Oldham, Holmfirth & Saddleworth

    I enjoyed watching this video from Lowrangers 4×4 earlier this week, so decided to share it here as well. Looks like there are some awesome green lanes up north. Maybe a visit is in order! Enjoy the video!

  • Camel Trophy Driving Video

    Camel Trophy Basic Off-Road Driving Techniques Video

    Found this video whilst looking at Land Rover videos on Youtube, and thought it was worth a post here. The video features 10 basic off road driving lessons based on Camel Trophy training, and it looks like it was produced to mark 10 years of the Camel Trophy. Enjoy!

  • Steam Powered Land Rover

    Steam powered Land Rover video

    Love steam trains? Would you like your Land Rover to be steam powered too? Well now you can, as the guy has built a steam engined Land Rover. According to the Youtube page, it is a three cylinder, double acting steam engine. Monotube boiler fired by gas but planning to…

  • 1956 Land Rover Overland Video

    1956 Land Rover First Overland Movie

    With the Adventure Overland show kicking off this weekend at Stratford Racecourse, what better way to get in the mood for some adventure than to watch one of the first overlanding movies shot in 1956. Its only a short film, following a Land Rover expedition from London to Singapore by…

  • Deep Water Land Rover Video

    Deep water Land Rover video!

    Its always fun driving through deep water in your Land Rover. So if you can’t be out and about driving through water, then the next best thing is to watch Land Rovers being driven through deep water. So here you go!

  • Video of the LRO Show 2013

    Superb video of the 2013 Land Rover Owner (LRO) Show

    Hot on the heels of Alan Kings review of the Land Rover Owner (LRO) show in Peterborough last weekend, is this superb video of the event. Land Rover Mudding have put together a great little edit of the LRO Show. By the looks of it they made the trip from…

  • Top Gear Range Rover Video

    Old Top Gear video: Buying a second hand Range Rover

    Here’s an old Top Gear from 1991 where Quentin Wilson looks at the advantages of buying a second hand Range Rover and potential problems you could face. Quite enjoyed this one, hope you do too!

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