How to change the fuel filter on a Land Rover Discovery

    Following on from the EGR removal on my 300Tdi Discovery, I noticed that the fuel filter hadn't been changed in a while, so I thought I would replace it for a new one. Fuel filters cost less than a tenner,…

    Land Rover Off Road Modifications: Seats

    Not many people consider seats when looking at modifications to their vehicle. As you know, Land Rover Defender seats aren't the most comfortable in the world, and there are many alternatives when it comes to replacing them. In an old…

    Torbay 4×4 Club Pay & Play Day Photos

    Just the other day I explained about pay and play days as part of the where can I drive off road series. Well, at the weekend, Torbay 4x4 club had a pay and play day at Trago Mill's in Newton…

    Video: Series Land Rover Driving Instruction: Part 2

    Last week we gave you the first part of the 1970's Series Land Rover Driving Instruction video. Now to complete the package, here is part 2 in the same 70's fashion!

    Range Rover P38 Video Companion – Part 2

    Here's the second instalment of the Range Rover P38 Video Companion. If you missed the first part, you can find it here.

    Torbay 4×4 Club Christmas Trial Photos

    Last Sunday it was the Torbay 4x4 Club Christmas trial. You had to get in the festive spirit by dressing up your vehicle & yourself. It was a great day, even if it was bloody freezing up on the exposed…

    Video: Green laning in Devon in Series 1 Land Rovers

    I was alerted to this video earlier today, and thought it was worth a post here. It features 2 lovingly restored Series 1 Land Rovers green laning in south Devon and Dartmoor. Being my neck of the woods I recognise…

    How to change the rear coil springs on a Land Rover Defender

    The back of my Land Rover 110 has been riding high ever since I got it a few months back. A previous owner had fitted heavy duty +2 inch springs which had raised the back up considerably. With the weight…

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      Dream come true for Dorothy Peters as she takes the surprise off-road drive of her life

      70 years on, watch Dorothy’s emotional Land Rover reunion

      A new video has been released by Land Rover. It features 87 year-old Dorothy Peters who enjoyed a literal drive down memory lane when Land Rover took her off-roading in one of the earliest Land Rovers in existence. Fulfilling a lifelong dream, the retired employee got to go off-road in…

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      Land Rover Freelander TD4 HSE

      Introducing the Land Rover Blog Freelander!

      Its been around 3 years since I last owned a Land Rover product, and hence this website has been pretty dormant over that time. But now I have purchased a Land Rover Freelander TD4 HSE as a project car for future articles on the website. It took me weeks to…

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      Land Rover Defender - Begininng of the end!

      Land Rover Defender: The beginning of the end…

      Defender production ends in Decemeber 2015, and Land Rover have gone back to the place where it all began to start a year-long celebration of the iconic Defender. A unique 1km sand drawing at Red Wharf Bay in Anglesey, UK, marks the launch of three exclusive limited edition models and…

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      The view from the Landy on the Princetown to Dartmeet road

      How to use the Land Rover diff lock in snow & ice

      I have had a lot of questions recently about the use of the diff lock in snowy conditions. The simple answer is yes - use it! If you are driving on snow and ice and you think you are likely to loose traction, then engage diff lock. So here is…

    • How To
      Old indicator relay (left) and the new one (right)

      How to fix a Land Rover Defender Indicator Fault

      One of the first thing's I needed to do to my newly acquired Land Rover 110 was to fix the indicator fault. Basically I had no direction indicators and had to investigate why this was. A quick search on the internet showed it would most likely be a hazard switch…

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      How to adjust the steering play on a Land Rover

      So I have had the new Land Rover for a few weeks now, and the first thing I noticed from driving around was the play in the steering box. The steering wheel moved around 2-3inchs before it started to turn the wheels. The Land Rover steering box has some adjust…

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      Online byway map for the United Kingdom

      Find green lanes with the online byway map

      I have just stumbled on this website for the first time and I am so impressed I thought I would share it on the blog! It details all the BOATS (Byways Open to All Traffic) that can be driven off road with your Land Rover in the UK. The map…

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      Where can I drive off road? Part 1: Greenlanes

      Where can I drive off road? Part 1: Greenlanes

      Your Land Rover is a passport to off road adventure, but where exactly can you drive it legally in the UK and beyond? In a series of articles over the coming weeks, I will explain where you can drive off road in the UK and beyond, and more importantly, where…

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      Alan's Land Rover Freelander in the snow

      How to drive your Land Rover in snow & ice

      With more heavy snow in the UK right now, having a Land Rover means it's time for fun. The snow hasn't reached us in the south west yet, but with most of eastern England under a heavy blanket of snow, it seems a lot of people are searching for how…