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Roller painting a Land Rover Defender 110

If you have been following the painting progress on Twitter or Instagram, then you will know that last week I took advantage of the spell of decent weather to repaint the Land Rover 110.

The 110 has been looking shabby ever since I had bought it. The marine blue paint had faded badly, and it just looked lifeless. So I knew at some point I was going to have to repaint it.

The first decision was what colour? I thought long and hard about the colour, and very nearly bought a tin of Marine Blue, but at the last moment I opted for Bronze Green. Now, Bronze Green is not exactly the correct colour for a Defender, but it is an older Series Land Rover colour. My thinking is the green would look better in the countryside of Devon!

However, Zac Dowen on Twitter wished I had gone for blue – and he does have a point!

@LandyBlog liking the progress so far but gutted you decided to paint it green rather than keep that county blue :( not enough of those left

— Zac Dowen (@ZaccyDowen) August 20, 2013

So with the nice weather forecast, it was time to sort out the painting schedule. The aim was to completely sand and paint a section a day.

  • Day 1 – The drivers side
  • Day 2 – The passenger side
  • Day 3 – The roof
  • Day 4 – The grill area/bulkhead/rear door and panels
  • And here are the photos of my hard work – and boy, was it hard work in the sunny conditions. I did use an electric sander for most of it, but I still put in my fair share of elbow grease.

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