Land Rover Freelander

  • Land Rover Freelander TD4 HSE

    Introducing the Land Rover Blog Freelander!

    Its been around 3 years since I last owned a Land Rover product, and hence this website has been pretty dormant over that time. But now I have purchased a Land Rover Freelander TD4 HSE as a project car for future articles on the website. It took me weeks to…

  • Land Rover Freelander Brake Problem

    Awesome Freelander 2 Demonstration Video

    Here is an awesome video showing the capabilities of the Land Rover Freelander 2. It was shot at the Land Rover Experience centre in Honiton, Devon. An employee of the centre talks you through how the Freelander manages to do what it does. Take a look.

  • 2011 Land Rover Freelander 2 TV Commercial

    Here is the new advert for the new 2011 Land Rover Freelander. It’s been made using clay animation – you know, the same way as the Wallace and Grommet films are made! In the second video below is a clever interview with Clay Mason, the “driver” of the Freelander in…

  • Video: The worlds smallest desert by Freelander 2!

    Here’s awesome little video on visiting the Carcross – the worlds smallest desert in Canada. The film is seen through the eyes of 5 year old Christian on his first adventure! I love this video, and I am sure you will too, so check this out.

  • Freelander 2 Off Road Video

    Here’s a video explaining how the off road Terrain Response system works in the latest Land Rover Freelander 2 (LR2 in the US).

  • Alan's Land Rover Freelander in the snow

    Land Rover Freelander Brake Light Problem

    I had this email the recently: Trying to debug this light that is on the dashboard for 2 days now. The Brake light (the same one that turns on when the hand brakes are pushed) is staying on all the time. I checked the handbrakes and they’re down. I checked…

  • How to reset the service light on a Land Rover Freelander 2

    I recently received this email from Fred about his Freelander 2: A year ago I purchased a freelander 2 from a main dealer, but I use a garage (which I trust and have used for years), however he does not know how to re-set the service reminder. The main dealer…

  • Land Rover Freelander 2 - a 'soft'-roader!

    Which Land Rover to take off roading? Freelander 2

    Like its predecessor, the Freelander 2 doesn’t have a low ratio gearbox – so you also have to drive this one differently to other Land Rovers. It doesn’t have air suspension like the rest of the non-Defender range, but it does get Terrain Response, albeit with reduced options. The Freelander…

  • Alan's Land Rover Freelander in the snow

    Which Land Rover to take off roading? Freelander 1

    Always an underrated performer, the Freelander 1 is actually very good off road. You’ll need to take into account its lack of ground clearance, but then these days you have to do that with any vehicle with tyres smaller than the 235/85/16 standard on Defenders. Driving a Freelander is easy,…

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