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Which Land Rover to take off roading? Range Rover Sport

Range Rover SportAlthough it shares the same running gear as the Discovery 3, the Range Rover Sport isn’t quite such a good choice for off roading!

Its less about the abilities of the Sport, but more about the vehicle as a whole.

Lower profile tyres tend to be fitted to Sports, so the risk of pinch flats is higher, as is the likelihood of trashing some very expensive alloy wheels.

An with many having tyres that are only suitable for the road, they can soon find themselves floundering in the simplest off road situations.

That said, change the wheel and tyre combinations and it will go everywhere a Discovery 3 goes. However, the interior isn’t quite up to the voluminous Discovery 3, so it will carry less off road kit.

Range Rover Sport Summary

  • Pros: Ride, Terrain Reponse, TDV8 engine
  • Cons: Big alloys and road tyres
  • Off roading rating: 7/10
  • Price guide: £20,000 – current model
  • Advice: Brakes wear quickly and wheels and tyres sustain damage from off road driving. Check everything over very carefully before parting with your cash!

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