• How ToLocation of one of the glow plugs, showing the electrical connection and 8mm nut

    How to change the glow plugs on a diesel Range Rover P38

    So following on from changing the in tank fuel pump and changing the injector leak off pipes my attention turned to changing the glow plugs. This was the last job in the series of jobs to fix the slow starting on cold mornings (1: leak off pipes, 2: fuel pump,…

  • How To
    The new pump installed - fuel lines need attaching

    How to change the in tank fuel pump on a Range Rover P38

    Changing the in tank fuel pump on the Range Rover filled me with dread. It needed changing as the fuel gauge was sticking, and giving me an inaccurate reading – and the fuel gauge sender is on the same unit as the pump – so the whole assembly has to…

  • How ToThe new fuel leak off pipes in place

    How to change the injector leak off pipes on a Range Rover DSE

    Whilst hunting around the internet looking for a reason the Range Rover was slow to start in the mornings, one the possible problems suggested was the leak off pipes from the injectors. These leak off pipes carry excess fuel from the injectors back to the injection pump. It is known…

  • How ToThe new filter in place

    How to change the fuel filter on a Range Rover DSE

    Continuing on with the basic servicing of the Range Rover, after last weeks air filter change and pollen filter change, its time to take a look at the fuel filter. Fuel filters don’t cost a lot, but do the important job of filtering the fuel of foreign objects (usually they…

  • How ToThe stark contrast between the old and new pollen filters

    How to change the pollen filters on a Range Rover P38

    Pollen filters are an often overlooked part of a service, but the filters are cheap and easy to replace on a P38 Range Rover. There are two pollen filters on the Range Rover, one on each side. Outside air is drawn through them by the blower motors which supply the…

  • How ToThe new air filter in place

    How to change the air filter on a Range Rover DSE

    Having taken delivery of my Range Rover DSE, the first thing I wanted to do was give it a basic service. I had noticed on the drive home the engine seemed to be a little hesitant, and there was whiffs of black smoke out the exhaust on higher rev’s, which…

  • Range Rover2000 reg Range Rover DSE

    Range Rover DSE – what have I done?

    I have spent the entire week hunting around for a new Land Rover. I have covered hundreds of miles around the south west and test drove about 8-10 cars before finally settling on my next car – a P38 Range Rover DSE! Yeah, I know, some people are going to…

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