For Sale: Land Rover Discovery 200Tdi – £600ono

I had never planned to get rid of the 200Tdi gold Discovery so soon. The original plan was to keep it for a year and use it for green lanes at the weekends, and look out for a better Discovery during the summer months.

Now I have bought the 300Tdi Discovery, I don’t have really have the room for 2 at home, so the 200Tdi has to go. I have already advertised it on the Torbay 4×4 message boards, and it will be going on some of the Land Rover forums and Ebay shortly.

It’s going to make a good cheap truck for somebody wanting a green laner or trialer for the weekends – it certainly has been for me, as you can see from this website.

OK, it’s not the best truck out there, and needs some welding on the sill’s for the next MOT (which isn’t till Jan 2010 anyway) but the engine, gearbox and drive train is solid, and will go on for many years yet.

Here’s the details:

  • 200 Tdi Land Rover Discovery – 1993 L Reg – 5 Door Model
  • 7 seater, with “dickie seats” in the back
  • MOT January 2010
  • Recent Clutch, Cam Belt, Tensioners & Idler – runs like a dream, no smoke.
  • Recent thermostat replacement
  • Boot floor replaced
  • Polybushed all round
  • Twin sunroofs and blinds
  • Electric windows which all work
  • 4 good tyres

Full details can be found on my very first blog post: Land Rover Discovery 200tdi

Looking for £600ono, (what I paid for it) but make me an offer. It will make a great weekend play thing for somebody!



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