Land Rover Discovery

Land Rover Discovery ES 300Tdi Auto

I got a call from my Dad the other day, he had driven by a local car dealer, and noticed a Discovery in the back yard.

He popped in and asked about it. The dealer had taken it in part exchange, and was going to sell it on within the trade, but decided to keep hold of it. They did some welding for the MOT, and stuck it on the forecourt to see how it would go.

The car was a metallic black N reg, 300Tdi Auto ES – the top spec Discovery, with full leather, electric everything, aircon and 6 CD autochanger. It had 141,000 on the clock with full dealer service history.

So off I trotted to meet dad to take a look at it.

We crawled all over it, the chassis is in great condition, but it has some of the usual Discovery rust areas on the body, but no where near as bad as my current Discovery. Any welding that needed doing for the MOT, the dealer had already done, and to a good standard. Most of the areas were surface rust that is easily treatable before they get bad – overall, it was a very sound vehicle; but I didn’t have the £2000 they wanted for it. (in fact I didn’t have any money, unless I sold another car that I own)

My dad offered to lend me £1000, on the understanding i paid him back as soon as one of my other car’s is sold. So I went into see the dealer.

Leather interior of the Discovery ES spec modelI offered him £1000 for the Discovery, on the understanding that I take I as it is, I don’t want a warranty, they didn’t even have to valet it, it will be a purely “sold as seen” deal. I told them I wouldn’t hold them responsible if something went wrong, I will just drive it off the forecourt as it is. The salesman went in to see his boss.

After a few minutes he returned. He said he could do it for £1400. I told him that the most I could possibly stretch too is £1200, and stressed that I would not bring it back if something went wrong. He eventually agreed, and I did the deal on the spot.

So, I am now the owner of 2 Discovery’s, a Peugeot and my works van. My neighbours are gunna love me, as the front of the house is now resembling a garage forecourt!

So something has to give, and it’s going to be the gold 200Tdi Disco that has to be sold on. (and probably the Peugeot too – but that’s a different story!)

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