Land Rover Discovery

Lets begin – Land Rover Discovery 200tdi

So, here we are, it’s a couple of hours after buying my latest Land Rover Discovery from Ebay – thats right, i haven’t even seen it yet – apart from in the photographs.

I am no stranger to Land Rovers, having owned 2 Range Rovers, 2 Discoverys, and 2 Ninetys in the past. This will be the 3rd Discovery i have owned, and from the Ebay description i am pretty confident i have got a good deal.

The Discovery i have just bought is a 5 door 1993 L reg 200TDI model. It’s got 285,000 miles on the clock, but the engine and gearbox have been replaced, so have a lot less mileage on them. It’s had a recent cam belt, tensioners and idlers and a new clutch, and with a brand new MOT on it, mechanically it should be fine.

Having only paid £600 for it, there is a few little things that will need sorting. According to the Ebay description, the interior is generally ok but could do with a good clean. Its missing the handbrake gaiter, the centre cubby box top and the drivers seat has a split in it. This is no big problem, as most of these can be sourced on Ebay for not a lot of dosh.

The Discovery has a decent spec with the twin sunroofs and blinds, towbar, electric windows, central locking and ‘dickie’ seats in the back to make it a 7 seater. The chassis and running gear are apparantly in very good condition with no corrosion or previous repairs and very little backlash through the drive train.

I’ll soon find out if this is true when i pick it up later this week!

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