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1993 Camel Trophy Land Rover Discovery For Sale

1993 Camel Trophy Land Rover Discovery For SaleI spotted this Camel Trophy Land Rover Discovery on Ebay and thought I would share it here as it looks in awesome condition.

Camel Trophy vehicles, whether it be a Defender, Range Rover or Discovery, still fetch good money even today.

The Camel Trophy vehicles were built by Land Rover Special Vehicles at Solihull especially for the events each year, and the spec on them is pretty comprehensive.

So let's have a look at the spec on this Camel Discovery:

For Sale - 1993 Camel Trophy Land Rover Discovery

Vehicle was first registered 1/12/1993 and is believed to be used in Japan until imported into the UK and registered 9/04/2005 when it was bought by a collector and stored in a barn.

It has just serviced with full years MOT, only 96,000 recorded kilometres (59,000 miles). Excellent bodywork and chassis and to my knowledge never been off road.

This is a first class Camel Trophy Land Rover Discovery in excellent condition without the usual Land Rover rusty bits! It has to be seen to be appreciated.

  • 2.5 200Tdi Engine
  • Chassis number: SALLJGMF7KA064208
  • Snorkel
  • Winch (unused)
  • Steel bumpers & runner boards
  • Full Roof Rack with spotlights front and rear
  • Steel plate protected engine & sump
  • Air Conditioning
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