• Land Rover Discovery
    Over 150 Land Rover Discoverys on Plymouth Hoe for the 25th Birthday Party!

    Photos: Land Rover Discovery 25th Birthday – Part 2

    Following on from part 1 of the Land Rover Discoverys 25th Birthday Party photo gallery, here is part 2 with more photos from the great event! If you were there and want any of the photos in full resolution, just get in touch with me using the contact form, and…

  • Land Rover Discovery
    Land Rover Discovery 25th Birthday Weekend!

    Photos: Land Rover Discovery 25th Birthday – Part 1

    What a great it was on Plymouth Hoe on Saturday, with over 150 Land Rover Discoverys lining up to celebrate the 25th birthday of the launch Discovery! There were many Discoverys there that took part in the launch back in 1989, and these are usually recognised by their G-WAC registration…

  • How ToThe new oil and engine flush

    How to change the engine oil on a Land Rover Tdi

    With my Land Rover 110 running vegetable oil, regular engine oil changes are very important. Some residue from the vegetable oil can end up in the engine oil, and in worst case scenarios, turn the engine oil to sludge! So as I have had the 110 a few months now,…

  • How ToThis is my firts stage filtering - 77micron filter straight into the holding tank (water butt)

    How to filter vegetable oil for use as fuel

    I have wrote an article before about using waste vegetable oil as fuel on a small scale before, but now that I have a Land Rover that has a vegetable oil conversion, I have had to up scale my processing capability as I can now use more of it. I…

  • How ToThe new crank gear and woodruff key in position

    Land Rover 200tdi crank pulley breakage – part 2

    Well, what a nightmare I have had getting the crank gear off. Spent a whole day with various pullers and levers, trying to get the gear off but to no avail. I ended up having to fabricate a home-made puller with some threaded M5 bar which screwed into the holes…

  • Land Rover DefenderThe broken crank pulley

    Land Rover 200tdi crank pulley breakage

    Oh joy, today the crank pulley broke and took out the dust seal and showered metal fragments into the timing case cover on the Land Rover. It seems it had be disintegrating for a while, but it showed no outward signs until the failure today. When I stripped it down,…

  • How ToThe oil pressure light on a Land Rover Defender

    How to change the oil pressure switch on a Land Rover Tdi

    For some time now the oil presure light on the dashboard hasn’t been coming on when the ignition is switched on. So having ruled out that the lamp itself was at fault, it could only mean one thing – the oil pressure switch on the oil pump was faulty. It…

  • How To

    How to change the fuel filter on a Land Rover Defender

    I have been running the Landy on a mix of veg oil and diesel for a number of weeks now its advisable to change the fuel filter regularly when running vegetable oil. With a trip to Wales coming up, I thought it would be best to do it before I…

  • How To

    How to install a CB and PSM-1 aerial mount in a Land Rover Defender

    One of the first jobs since getting the Defender 110, was to fit my CB. I have had the CB installed in my Land Rover Discovery before, and had taken it out before I sold the Disco. The Land Rover Defender (and Series) present their own set of problems when…

  • How To

    How to change the air filter on a 200tdi Land Rover Defender

    When I had a Land Rover Discovery, I wrote an article on how to change the air filter. Now I have a Defender, its time for the article on how to change the air filter on a 200di engined Defender. A dirty air filter will make it harder for the…

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