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Which Land Rover to take off roading? Freelander 2

Like its predecessor, the Freelander 2 doesn’t have a low ratio gearbox – so you also have to drive this one differently to other Land Rovers.

It doesn’t have air suspension like the rest of the non-Defender range, but it does get Terrain Response, albeit with reduced options.

The Freelander 2 isn’t designed for out and out mud pluggin’, but still manages to give a respectful performance off road, especially the auto version.

First gear on the manual is just too high for low speed control, so you will find yourself inducing clutch slip to keep the speed low without stalling the engine.

This can get tiring after a while and won’t do the clutch plate any favours.

Apart from that, the Freelander 2 just keeps on going and even has an unprepared wading depth of 500mm – the same as the Defender.

Land Rover Freelander 2 Summary

  • Pros: Comfort and fuel economy
  • Cons: Lack of low speed control on manual
  • Off roading rating: 7/10
  • Price guide: £15000-current model
  • Advice: If your off roading will mainly be “soft”-roading, then the Freelander 2 is fine. Anything more, then look at the Discovery 3.

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