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Which Land Rover to take off roading? Range Rover P38

The second generation of Range Rovers took much of the ability of the previous model and enhanced it with air suspension as standard and traction control.

You’re more likely to find that the P38’s limitations are more down to your own concerns than the vehicles abilities.

Many are fitted with lower profile tyres which don’t lend themselves to escaping ruts. The road patterned tyres also clog up with mud easily.However, fit a set of all terrain or mud terrain tyres and a whole world of comfortable off roading will begin to open up.

The big V8 petrol engines will haul you and the vehicle across most terrain with ease, but the diesel lacks the low down grunt of the other Land Rover engines, so it spoils the performance a touch.

Range Rover P38 summary

  • Pros: Comfort and ability on standard tyres
  • Cons: Diesel engine not torquey enough low down, low profile tyres
  • Off roading rating: 6/10
  • Price guide: £2500 – £12000
  • Advice: Petrol engines are far better off road than the diesel. You can replace the often problematic air suspension with coils, but you lose some of its cross country ability.

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