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Which Land Rover to take off roading? Range Rover L322

Range Rover L322Arguably the ultimate off road ride, the new Range Rover is a palace on wheels!

Cocooned inside its shell, you’ll effortlessly glide over rough terrain in total luxury, and it works incredibly well too.

These Land Rovers are designed to be off roaded as well as used on the tarmac everyday, and they will do exactly what you expect them to do.

Air suspension, electronic traction control and on the later vehicles, terrain response, all go towards making the Range Rover L322 a formidable performer even on the standard low profile tyres.

However, just keep an eye out on the tyre sidewalls in case they get cut when crossing tricky rocky sections.

Range Rover L322 summary

  • Pros: Luxury, ability
  • Cons: The cost to repair if you get it wrong
  • Off roading rating: 9/10
  • Price guide: £12000 – current model
  • Advice: The Range Rover L322 can be damaged underneath by heavy off roading. Check all electrics work before parting with your cash!
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