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How to sound proof a Land Rover – Part 1

Sound proofing a Land RoverDefenders aren't the most quiet things in the world to travel in. The wind & engine noise can get tiring after a while, and holding a conversation at motorway speeds is almost impossible!

So in an effort to keep the noise down to a dull roar, I set about trying to make the 110 a little quieter using some cheap materials.

Having read on some Land Rover forums that closed cell camping mats work well, I decided to give them a try as they are cheap and don't absorb water or mud.

I did both front footwells, the gearbox tunnel and the bulkhead with 2 camping mats which cost £4.99 each from the local millets store.

Front footwells

The footwells are an easy job - just rip out all the mats in the front and place the camping mat in place, then cut it to size with a sharp stanley knife.

I made sure they covered all the panels right up under the dash and behind the pedals. You will need to cut out sections for the peddles.

I have heavy duty rubber mats (stable mats cut to size) for the front footwells and these hold the camping mats in place.

Camping mat cut to size in the front footwellThe heavy duty rubber stable mat cut to size holds the camping mat in place

Gearbox Tunnel

The gearbox tunnel was pretty easy too.

By removing the gearbox tunnel rubber mat, you can place your camping mat over the tunnel and cut a hole for the gear levers. You can then replace the rubber mat and it holds the camping mat in place.


For the main part of the bulkhead I removed the fuse box cover, then removed the metal fuse box casing and placed the camping mat directly onto the bulkhead. The metal fuse box casing holds the camping mat in place as shown by the two photos below.

Bulkhead camping mat held in place behind the metal fuse box holderWith the fuse box cover back in place, the ends of the mat can be attached with duct tape or a suitable glue

That is stage 1 of the sound proofing complete.

There is already a noticeable reduction in the sound levels in the cabin. I think the gearbox tunnel and bulkhead produced the most dramatic reductions by cutting out all the transmission and road noise coming up from below. The camping mats have dulled all the noises from the engine too - its still noisy compared to car levels, but its a good improvement to start with.

Part 2: I am currently working on stage 2, which will involve soundproofing the seat boxes and will add another post about this shortly.

Part 3 will involve sound proofing the rear tub of the Land Rover.

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