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How to clean the main earthing points on a Land Rover

Engine earthing point onto chassisThe Land Rover has been suffering from some slow starts in the mornings recently.

It has been bloody cold, and the I have been running some vegetable oil mixed with diesel, but it still seemed to struggle a little.

My old Discovery had the same problem, and it was cured by cleaning the earthing points on the battery and engine, so for peace of mind I decided to check they were weren’t too corroded and that they were making good contact with the chassis.

Well it turned out they were a bit manky, so this is how I cleaned them up.

Cleaning the battery and engine earth points on a Land Rover

This is a simple little job that will only take 10 minutes.

For the job you will need:

  • Socket set (Usually a 13mm socket or spanner will do)
  • 240 grit sandpaper
  • Wirebrush
  • Copper grease

The main engine earthing point on the Land Rover Defender is on the nearside chassis leg, just behind the engine mount. It ensures the engine has a good earth – if it doesn’t have a good connection, it may struggle to start (amongst other things).

1: In the photo above you will see the main engine earthing point onto the chassis. Undo the nut and remove the earthing strap.

2: Take the wire brush and clean the earth point on the chassis thoroughly.

3: Use the sandpaper to clean the earthing strap. Make sure you have some new shiny metal showing to ensure a good earth.

Copper grease on the earthing terminal before reattaching it.4: Add some copper grease around the chassis earth point and the earth strap. (see pic on right) The copper grease helps stop any further corrosion and helps make a good electrical connection.

5: Place the earthing strap back onto the chassis and tighten the nut.

You then need to locate the main earthing point for the battery, which in a Land Rover Defender is on the chassis just behind the battery box under the passenger seat.

6: Repeat steps 1 – 5 for the battery earthing point.

The photos below show the battery earth point before and after.

Battery earthing point on the chassisBattery earthing point re-attached with copper grease to ensure a good electrical connection

Did it work? Yeah it did – the engine is a lot easier to start and it turns over a lot quicker. If you are having trouble starting your car, it’s well worth spending 10 minutes of your time doing this job before forking out for a new battery.

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