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How to convert a series Land Rover from a truck cab to a canvas roof

The one thing I like about Land Rovers are the Mechano type build. Everything is just nuts and bolts, and if you want to fit a canvas roof for the summer, you can remove your truck cab or hard top with a few spanners and sockets.

I had been looking around for a canvas and frame kit ever since I bought the series 2 Land Rover just over a month ago. So when I spotted one at the right price as a buy it now on eBay (as they seem to go for silly money a lot of the time!) I just hit the button and bought it.

So the next day I was up early for a 400 mile round trip to Surrey to pick up it up.

Here’s how I fitted it!

Removing the truck cab

The first job that needed doing was to remove the truck cab. This is held in place buy a series of bolts above the windscreen, 2 long bolts that fit through the holes for the hoops, and around 4 bolts behind the seats.

Within 10-15 minutes the truck cab was off! Easy!

The location some of the bolts holding the truck cab to the windscreen The long bolt just behind the driver and passenger seat With the truck cab lifted out of the way, this is what you're left with!

Fitting the main hoops

Now came the job of fitting the canvas hoops. On the 88inch series Land Rovers there are two main hoops – 1 at the back, and then another just behind the seats. These are held in place by “C” clamps that bolt through the body capping.

Fitting the two main hoops for the canvas The U clamp that secures the main hoops to the body

Fitting the rest of the frame

With the main two hoops in place, I fitted the tie bars that brace between the 2 hoops on either side, and the centre roof support. I did all the nuts and bolts up finger tight so I had some adjustment while I fitted the rest of the frame.

The “sharks tooth” rail fits on top of the windscreen. I bolted it in place using the bolts I removed from the truck cab. In the top corners of the windscreen are braces that bolt onto the over door drain channels. The front corners of the over door drain channels also clip under the windscreen “sharks tooth” rail.

Both drain channels (over door/rear of door) have adjustments so you can square them up to your doors to make sure the door rubbers seal correctly. I just did them up finger tight so I could position them correctly.

When everything is in place, then I just went around and tightened the nuts and bolts up, which made the frame very rigid.

The corner bracket secures the windscreen to the over door drain channel The canvas frame in place on the Land Rover

Fitting the canvas

Fitting the canvas is pretty straightforward. Its a well thought out design and there is a correct way to tension the canvas. Have a look at the video below, and they will walk you through the intricacies of fitting the canvas!

So there we have it, my Land Rover is now a soft top ready for the summer months. Whether I keep the truck cab for the winter remains to be seen!

One of the straps which tensions the canvas over the cab With the canvas in place it transforms the look of the Land Rover

Video: How to fit a Land Rover hoop stick set and canvas

Here’s a great video walking you through the fitting of the hoop stick set and then the canvas itself!

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