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The new project: 1961 Land Rover Series 2

I’ve been pretty quiet these past few weeks (on the blog and Twitter) I have been busy, and pretty stressed at times, but the upshot of it all is I have sold the Range Rover!

I know I didn’t have it long, but I did love the Range Rover, it was quiet and comfortable, but to this home mechanic, it was just a step to far! With all the computers, fault codes, and niggly little air suspension problems it had to go. So its gone to a new home.

So, after looking around for another vehicle for nearly 2 weeks, I have now splashed the cash on a lovely 1961 Series 2 Land Rover that I found for sale on the series 2 club forums. This is much more suited to me – nuts and bolts mechanics and not a ECU or computer in sight!

My father drove me from Devon to Warwickshire, where we did the deal with a lovely guy called Peter, who has been into Land Rovers all his life. He had owned the Land Rover for about 17 years, and it was in a very solid condition for its age.

I then proceeded to drive the 52 year old Land Rover 200 miles home! What a journey that was – I hit 60mph once, but the old Landy was much happier at 50-55mph. On the drive back I had mixed emotions, – part of me was loving it, but part of me was saying “what the hell have you done?”

5 hours, and 3 stops later, the old Land Rover was safely parked on my drive, but I was left with an aching back and ringing in my ears from the constant drone of the engine and vibration of the panels!

As well as being tax exempt, it is also old enough that seat belts aren’t fitted either! The Land Rover has come with a few little period features that add to the character of the vehicle, like a power take off Mayflower winch mounted in the back, and the hand throttle on the dash.

I have some ideas for the vehicle which I will of course be blogging about. It isn’t going to be big tyres, or a myriad of off road accessories, I just want to keep the vehicle looking right for it’s period.

So that’s enough for now, I’ll stop blabbering on, and introduce you to the Landy with some photos! If you’re wondering what Yavas means, it was the name of Peters canal boat! (Apparently Turkish for “slow” – rather apt me thinks!)


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