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Land Rover 110 project gets 200tdi engine and Brownchurch roof rack
Land Rover Defender

Land Rover 110 Project: New Roof Rack & Engine

Its been a hectic few days for me during the past week as things slowly start to come together on the Land Rover 110 project.

I have been scouring eBay for some time now looking for a roof rack and engine to go into the 110, and it all came together last weekend when both items came up within days of each other.

Here's what I bought.

Roof Rack

The heavy duty Brownchurch roof rack fitted to my 110The first thing I managed to win last weekend was a galvanised Brownchurch roof rack. I got the winning bid for £120 - which is quite a saving on the £400+vat that they go for new.

So I set off on the 3 hour drive to Southampton to pick it up. It needed a bit of a clean, but it was in very good condition. It was the heavy duty version of the Brownchurch rack, but didn't come with the support struts to the body and windscreen mounts.

So a quick call to Brownchurch in London saw a support strut set winging its way to me for just £25+vat, and within days I had it fitted to the 110.

200tdi Engine

The 200tdi engine and ancillaries in the back of my 110!I have also been on the look out for a 200tdi engine to replace the Japanese Daihatsu motor that is in the 110 at the moment.

2 days after returning from Southampton with the roof rack, a tdi engine popped up on eBay for £250 buy it now. It was a 200tdi unit out of a Discovery and it had covered 116,000 miles. It came with everything I would need to complete the conversion, radiator, intercooler, alternator, starter motor etc.

It was in Southampton, about 10 miles from where I had been a few days earlier, but at that price I couldn't let it go. So I bought it and drove all the way back to Southampton to pick it up in the back of the 110.

The Discovery tdi will fit straight into the 110 with a little bit of modification to the radiator mounts. I have also got to change the exhaust downpipe as the Disco tdi turbo sits lower than on the Defender tdi engine.

So now I have a nice 200tdi in the garage which I will be cleaning up and fitting a whole host of new parts to (cambelt, clutch, water pump, oil seals etc) before it goes into the 110.

It's going to keep me busy over the coming weeks, and will provide plenty of articles for the website too - stay tuned!


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Land Rover Thermostat for 200 Tdi Engines
Land Rover Thermostat for 200 Tdi Engines
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Land Rover Defender Discovery RRC 200tdi Lift Pump Engine Cover Plate
Land Rover Defender Discovery RRC 200tdi Lift Pump Engine Cover Plate
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