Landy Live – a new Land Rover show for 2014

Back at the end of September, we covered the Adventure Overland show that was held at Stratford Racecourse. Seeing how well that event went down, and after all the positive feedback, event organiser Tom McGuigan is back with a brand new show for 2014 – Landy Live!

The event is to be held in Shakespeare country at the prestigious Stratford-upon-Avon Racecourse, Warwickshire, the same place as the Adventure Overland Show.

So why another Land Rover show?
Tom says: “it is no secret that in recent times Land Rover shows have become stale. For years we’ve had the Land Rover magazines holding the top spots with big commercial shows at Billing, Stoneleigh and Peterborough, consequently there was never any room for independent promoters such as myself. Besides, at their peak they were great shows, so really no need to compete. Well times have changed, I believe the scene is now ready for a completely new type of family show, one that will involve the true enthusiast.”

Landy Live will be like nothing you have ever seen before. Display vehicles featuring the ‘Best of the Best’ will be showcased within specific zones. These include:

  • Working Vehicles – workhorses such as cherry pickers, tippers, PTO drills/wood-saws, etc.
  • Motorsport
  • Military
  • Campers
  • Conversions – stretched limos, monster, amphibious and so forth
  • Rescue – fire, police, ambulance, mountain rescue, etc
  • Foreign Models – Santana, Minerva, Otokar, etc
  • Modern Monocoques – from the Freelander to the Evoque
  • Kid’s Zone – featuring children’s drivable Land Rovers, diecast collectable scale models, radio controlled models, etc.
  • Throw into the mix interactive team games, winch demonstrations, club displays, trade stands, “Landyjumble TM” and a line-up of 66 Land Rover vehicles, one for every year of manufacture, not to mention sensibly priced camping/day visitor prices, then you have a Land Rover show like no other!

    So what’s your aim Tom?
    “Being an enthusiast myself (just love those old 2-door Rangies), I want this to be the best and eventually biggest Land Rover show that’s ever been held in the UK – both in content and value for money. With an innovative new format, fresh ideas and activities where anyone can join in, basically I want it to appeal to the entire family. All we need is the support of our fellow enthusiasts and I guarantee it will be exactly the type of event folk have been requesting for years – a real enthusiast show for ‘us’ owners to show off all that’s good about ‘our’ vehicles. LandyLive! has arrived, and with a 10-year plan in mind, we are here to stay!”

    Landy Live 2014The dates for Landy Live are 7/8th June 2014, at the Stratford upon Avon racecourse, Warwickshire, and of course the Land Rover Blog will be there to cover all the action!

    In the meantime, head on over to the website for a closer look at the planned activities! Landy Live website

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