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How to reset the service light on a Land Rover Freelander 2

I recently received this email from Fred about his Freelander 2:

A year ago I purchased a freelander 2 from a main dealer, but I use a
garage (which I trust and have used for years), however he does not know how
to re-set the service reminder. The main dealer refuses to tell me. Does anybody out there know how to do this please, it is surely not a state secret!!

So this is how you do it:

Resetting the service indicator on a Land Rover Freelander 2

1: Hold the milage reset button in
2: Turn the ignition on to position 2.
3: Keep the button held in and various different words will flash up on the little screen.
4: Dont release until it goes back to reading the milage
5: Once this comes up release the button and it should be ok when you next cycle the ignition.

Job done!

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