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Find green lanes with the online byway map

I have just stumbled on this website for the first time and I am so impressed I thought I would share it on the blog!

It details all the BOATS (Byways Open to All Traffic) that can be driven off road with your Land Rover in the UK. The map allows you to drill down into an area of your choice, and view the green lanes that can be driven.

I had a close inspection of my local area, and am pleased to report that its pretty accurate. All the lanes that I know are legally drivable in my area are listed, but its probably worth having a good look in your area to check the accuracy of the map.

This is a brilliant resource, and one I will be using when I want to plan green lane trips in other areas of the country.

Here’s the link you need:


  1. Please also check your local council website for the local TRO’s for the byways that are now closed. I have fell foul of this, check before driving the route or wasting the fuel getting there to find its closed to vehicles…

  2. hi I’m baying a land rover and wanna no where I can play around with it like going off road I’m in Barnstaple please get back to me soon many thanks

  3. Ive fallen for the oldest trick in the Freelander book and bought a TD4 only to discover it has no propshaft and informed it’s because the transfer box is probably shot. Any advice on what I need to purchase to get all of this fixed? They have removed everything from underneath, bushes brackets the lot.

  4. I found 80 percent of the byways I wanted to go down were restricted to permit holder or were closed to motor vehicles. You will need to verify these byways using the local council maps as this map appears to be out of date.

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