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Which Land Rover to take off roading?

Land Rover Defender makes a great off road vehicleWhen choosing a Land Rover for off-roading you are spoilt for choice: Series, Defender, 101, Freelander, Discovery and Range Rover.

But which one of these will be up to, and beyond your off road needs?

Well, over the next few weeks we will will examine which vehicle could best suit your needs.

Let’s face it, no Land Rover is going to disgrace itself off-road, as all are more than suitable for off roading – it’s just some are better.

This may not mean that they have the ultimate off-road performance; simply that they are the right tool for the job. After all, you can use a teaspoon to turn over the soil in a field, but a tractor pulled plough would be much more efficient!

Over the next few weeks we will take a look at each individual vehicle in the Land Rover line up. So next week will we start with the Land Rover Series 1.

Which Land Rover to take off-roading series

  1. Land Rover Series 1
  2. Land Rover Series 2/2a/3
  3. Land Rover Defender
  4. Land Rover Discovery – Series 1 & 2
  5. Land Rover Discovery 3
  6. Range Rover Classic
  7. Range Rover P38
  8. Range Rover L322
  9. Range Rover Sport
  10. Freelander 1
  11. Freelander 2

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