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Which Land Rover to take off roading? Discovery 3

Land Rover Discovery 3
Photo: Flickr – NorthJoe

If there was ever a vehicle to flatter a novice off road driver, then this is it. The terrain response system makes an off road expert at the twist of a knob.

But it isn’t just the clever electronics that makes the Discovery 3 good off road, its the whole package.

The sides and back are reasonably flat so its easy to place and the air suspension fitted to all but the base models make clambering over the rough stuff childs play.

Becoming grounded off road is no problem – the air suspension will lift the Land Rover up until you’re clear of the obstacle. Get one with electronic locking diffs in the centre and rear and it will take you anywhere.

The only problem with this technology is that it may get the novice driver a lot deeper into the mire than they would wish to go, and at two and a half tonnes, a Discovery 3 is a lot of weight to be recovered!

Land Rover Discovery 3 summary

  • Pros: Ability, Terrain Repsonse
  • Cons: It may get you in too deep!
  • Off roading rating: 9/10
  • Price guide: £10,000-current model
  • Advice: You’ve got to have the air suspension and the TDV6 diesel engine – the level of trim once you’ve got these is up to you!

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