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What does owning a Land Rover mean to you?

So what does owning a Land Rover mean to you?

This is the question that we have been asking our Facebook and Twitter followers recenty. There have been some great replies, and some of the best are below, so lets take a look!

@LandyBlog owning a #landrover is part of who I am…I work with them…adventure with them…fix them #followthefrog

— Frogs Island 4×4 (@Frogs4x4) August 25, 2013

@LandyBlog people moan at me in town in summer but love me in winter with tow rope in hand!!

— Nigel Robinson (@NigelRo69841173) August 27, 2013

@LandyBlog freedom and an empty bank account lol

— Jon Buckley (@J0nnyb1990) August 27, 2013

@LandyBlog my #LandRover is the extra child of the house (well loved) and spender of any savings! (spoilt) Lol :-)

— Team Henton-Hill (@disco_stable) August 28, 2013

While over on the Land Rover Blog Facebook page we had these answers:

Jane West: It’s like standing waist deep in mud tearing up £20 notes

Iris Horváth: It changed my live and some times I just hate him buth for 15 years on I love the red devil he is my best friend

And what about me? What does owning a Land Rover mean to me? Well I guess it has already been summed up with a lot of the answers above. Yes, you might have to fix them regularly, but a lot of the work can be done yourself with a set of spanners (the older models anyway!). Its a big Mechano kit for adults, that can be modified and tweaked to your hearts content.

Its also the freedom to do all sorts of things with a Land Rover – tow a boat, drive a green lane, carry passengers, carry your luggage when you go on holiday, drive across continents – the Land Rover has done, and will do it all.

By owning a Land Rover you buying into over 60 years of adventure all over the world. Of course not everybody is going to drive across Africa, but in the back of your mind when you’re driving down the M1 to work, you know you could do it the very car that is taking you to your day job!

I will end this blog post the same way I started it with the question:

What does owning a Land Rover mean to you?

Add your thoughts in the comments below!

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