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  • Land Rover DrivingOnline byway map for the United Kingdom

    Find green lanes with the online byway map

    I have just stumbled on this website for the first time and I am so impressed I thought I would share it on the blog! It details all the BOATS (Byways Open to All Traffic) that can be driven off road with your Land Rover in the UK. The map…

  • How ToNew & old speedo gear - clearly showing the worn drive teeth

    How to replace the speedo drive gear on a Land Rover

    I have been without a speedo for sometime now, and been relying on the GPS to tell me what speed I was travelling. So, unable to put up with it any longer, I got a new speedo cable and spent 30mins replacing it last week. When it didn’t fix the…

  • How ToThe view from the Landy on the Princetown to Dartmeet road

    How to use the Land Rover diff lock in snow & ice

    I have had a lot of questions recently about the use of the diff lock in snowy conditions. The simple answer is yes – use it! If you are driving on snow and ice and you think you are likely to loose traction, then engage diff lock. So here is…

  • How ToOld indicator relay (left) and the new one (right)

    How to fix a Land Rover Defender Indicator Fault

    One of the first thing’s I needed to do to my newly acquired Land Rover 110 was to fix the indicator fault. Basically I had no direction indicators and had to investigate why this was. A quick search on the internet showed it would most likely be a hazard switch…

  • How ToThe new power steering box with drop arm already fitted

    How to change the power steering box on a Land Rover

    My power steering box has been leaking for quite a while now, but recently it started to go through a litre of fluid a week – so something had to be done. Having done some research on the internet, it was recommended not to just fix it with a new…

  • How ToLand Rover Discovery EGR overview

    How to remove the EGR on a 300Tdi Discovery

    In this article I am going to show you how to remove the exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valve and assembly, and fit a new EGR blanking kit. It’s a simple job that should take 30mins to complete, and you will notice an instant performance increase and a reduction in fuel…

  • How ToLand Rover Discovery 200tdi Thermostat

    How to replace a Land Rover Discovery thermostat

    Back in one of the first post’s I made, I said that the temperature gauge in my Discovery was not working. So my first port of call was to check the connections to the sender unit, but these turned out to be fine. Now that I have been driving the…

  • How To

    How to adjust the steering play on a Land Rover

    So I have had the new Land Rover for a few weeks now, and the first thing I noticed from driving around was the play in the steering box. The steering wheel moved around 2-3inchs before it started to turn the wheels. The Land Rover steering box has some adjust…

  • How ToThe new pump installed - fuel lines need attaching

    How to change the in tank fuel pump on a Range Rover P38

    Changing the in tank fuel pump on the Range Rover filled me with dread. It needed changing as the fuel gauge was sticking, and giving me an inaccurate reading – and the fuel gauge sender is on the same unit as the pump – so the whole assembly has to…

  • How To

    How to replace a propshaft on a Land Rover

    A few weeks ago I changed the oil pressure switch on the Land Rover. As I cleaned up some of the oil which had dripped onto the front prop-shaft, I noticed the sliding joint was shot, and it had so much play it wasn’t funny! So it was a trip…