waste vegetable oil

  • How ToThis is my firts stage filtering - 77micron filter straight into the holding tank (water butt)

    How to filter vegetable oil for use as fuel

    I have wrote an article before about using waste vegetable oil as fuel on a small scale before, but now that I have a Land Rover that has a vegetable oil conversion, I have had to up scale my processing capability as I can now use more of it. I…

  • Land Rover Defender
    This is the only time I took the Land Rover near salt water!

    The Land Rover 110 300tdi project

    I think it is about time I introduced to yet another little project of mine a 1988 Land Rover 110. But there’s a few little things which make this 110 a bit different to other Land Rover’s I have owned in the past. Lets take a closer look. 1The first…

  • How ToUsing waste vegetable oil for fuel in your Land Rover

    Using waste vegetable oil for fuel in your Land Rover

    Back before Christmas, I posted an article about using vegetable oil as a fuel in your Land Rover. Back then, I was using new vegetable oil from the supermarket, but now I have moved over to using waste vegetable oil. I have been collecting it from local food outlets over…

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