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  • NewsThe Landy in the snow

    Get your Land Rover ready – the snow is coming!

    So you can’t fail to have noticed that snow is forecast for the UK over the coming week. Traditionally its time for Land Rover (and other 4×4) drivers to get all smug as they continue driving around while the rest of the population struggle. But just remember that although you…

  • Photo GalleriesIts cold out there!

    South Devon and Dartmoor Snow Photos

    Its been the south west’s turn to get some heavy snowfall, and as a good Land Rover owner, I have been out taking advantage of the conditions. Here is a gallery of snow photos that I have collected over the past few days.

  • Land Rover Driving
    Main road near Kingsbridge

    My first 4×4 Reponse Call Out!

    Over the weekend I had my first call out as a member of the Devon and Cornwall 4×4 Response group. The group is part of a network of volunteers with 4×4’s who help out the community when the weather conditions mean the usual transport methods don’t work! The group is…

  • Land Rover Videos

    Video: Land Rover Defender 110 drifting in snow

    Its time for the usual Friday video, and we are continuing with this weeks snow theme. Here is a video of a Defender 110 drifting in a snowy car park somewhere in frozen Britain! Enjoy!

  • How To
    My 110 in its element!

    Land Rover Winter Driving Tips

    As the big freeze continues, we have put together some great Land Rover winter driving tips that we have come across around the net. To be fair, some of the tips can be applied to any car, not just Land Rover’s, and there is some pretty handy tips in there.…

  • How To
    The view from the Landy on the Princetown to Dartmeet road

    How to use the Land Rover diff lock in snow & ice

    I have had a lot of questions recently about the use of the diff lock in snowy conditions. The simple answer is yes – use it! If you are driving on snow and ice and you think you are likely to loose traction, then engage diff lock. So here is…

  • Land Rover DrivingThe view from the Landy on the Princetown to Dartmeet road

    It’s snow time for your Land Rover

    It seems winter has well and truly arrived in the UK, with some of the country experiencing its first snowfall of the season. Land Rover and 4×4 drivers love this time of year, as they continue about their daily lives while the rest of the motoring public grind to a…

  • Land Rover DrivingA picturesque snowy road on Dartmoor

    Land Rover Dartmoor Snow Photos 2

    With more snow this week, it was back up to Dartmoor for more photo opportunities with the Land Rover. I was joined by Alan, a fellow Land Rover nut in his Land Rover Freelander. He was keen to try out the capabilities of the Freelander in the snow and ice.…

  • Land Rover DrivingThe view from the Landy on the Princetown to Dartmeet road

    Land Rover Dartmoor Snow Photos

    The rest of the country has had it for some time now, and this week it was time for the south west to get its turn for snow. So it was straight to Dartmoor for some play time. I headed up during the day to get some photos. During the…

  • Land Rover Discovery

    Video: Land Rover Tow Skimboarding/Bodyboarding on snow!

    The UK is seeing more heavy snowfall over the new year period, so here is a video I shot with some friends last winter using my Land Rover Discovery. The video was filmed on Dartmoor at the height of the snowy period in February 2009. Most of the moor was…

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