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    Dream come true for Dorothy Peters as she takes the surprise off-road drive of her life

    70 years on, watch Dorothy’s emotional Land Rover reunion

    A new video has been released by Land Rover. It features 87 year-old Dorothy Peters who enjoyed a literal drive down memory lane when Land Rover took her off-roading in one of the earliest Land Rovers in existence. Fulfilling a lifelong dream, the retired employee got to go off-road in…

  • Land Rover Defender
    Land Rover Defender - Begininng of the end!

    Land Rover Defender: The beginning of the end…

    Defender production ends in Decemeber 2015, and Land Rover have gone back to the place where it all began to start a year-long celebration of the iconic Defender. A unique 1km sand drawing at Red Wharf Bay in Anglesey, UK, marks the launch of three exclusive limited edition models and…

  • Land Rover Series
    1948 Land Rover - was around the 300th off the production line!

    Land Rovers at the Yesterdays Farming show!

    Had a trip up to Somerset over the weekend to visit the Yesterdays Farming show near Crewkerne. The Land Rover Series One club had but on a great display of old Landys, so it was rude not to take a load of photos and put them online for you to…

  • Land Rover Videos

    Land Rover Family Values Video

    Loved this video, so just had to post it here! Stephen Wilks, son of Land Rover co-founder Maurice Wilks, shares his memories of growing up with Land Rover! Brilliant.

  • Land Rover Driving
    Green laning in Devon in Series 1 Land Rovers

    Video: Green laning in Devon in Series 1 Land Rovers

    I was alerted to this video earlier today, and thought it was worth a post here. It features 2 lovingly restored Series 1 Land Rovers green laning in south Devon and Dartmoor. Being my neck of the woods I recognise quite a few of the lanes. The Landys really are…

  • Land Rover DrivingLand Rover Series 1

    Which Land Rover to take off roading? Series 1

    In this first part of the Which Land Rover to take off roading series we are looking at the Land Rover which started it all – the Series 1. Old & fragile they may appear when compared to tricked up Defenders, but you’ll be suprised just how good they are!…

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