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  • How ToWorking around the corners onto the roof

    Land Rover Roof Insulation Continued

    Following on from last weeks insulation of the hard top side panels, I have now continued with the hard top roof of the Land Rover. Taking the same pine cladding and thick eco loft insulation from B&Q, I applied the same principle as the side panels to the roof area.…

  • How To

    How to insulate Land Rover Defender Hard Top Sides

    Earlier this year, I showed you how to add insulation to the roof of your Land Rover. Now its the turn of the side panels. Having fitted the hard top last week, it was time to insulate the side panels, and hopefully retain some heat in the back of the…

  • How To

    How to insulate the roof of a Land Rover

    With all this cold weather around lately, I’ve been feeling it a little in the Land Rover. So in an effort to make thing’s a little more toasty, I set about insulating the roof with some eco-friendly loft insulation I had knocking around in the garage. It’s not the usual…

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