• Land Rover Discovery
    London to Cape Town Land Rover Discovery 3

    New London to Cape Town World Record set by Land Rover Discovery 3

    A British team has set a new world record for driving from London to Cape Town, making the 10,000 mile journey in just 10 days, 3 hours and 16 minutes. Driving a Land Rover Discovery 3, experienced endurance rally drivers Robert Belcher (58) and Stephen Cooper (53) broke the previous…

  • News
    This was an impressive Land Rover camper

    2013 Adventure Overland Show review and photo report

    Well here I am sat back at home typing up this review after a weekend of Land Rover fun and a round trip of 350 miles. I’m shattered, but am determined to finish this review before I go to bed! The weekend started with an early start on Saturday morning,…

  • Land Rover Series
    1956 Land Rover Overland Video

    1956 Land Rover First Overland Movie

    With the Adventure Overland show kicking off this weekend at Stratford Racecourse, what better way to get in the mood for some adventure than to watch one of the first overlanding movies shot in 1956. Its only a short film, following a Land Rover expedition from London to Singapore by…

  • Land Rover Driving
    The Adventure Overland Show Tickets

    Getting ready for the Adventure Overland Show

    I have spent the last few days getting ready for the Adventure Overland Show that is being held this weekend (28/29 September 2013) at Stratford racecourse in Stratford upon Avon. More details have come out about the seminars at this years show. There’s something for everybody, from bushcraft and prepping…

  • Land Rover Discovery
    Discovery 2 and Freelander 1 on Lamb Head, Stronsay

    Land Rover Discovery 2 – Cambridge to Stronsay, Orkney Islands

    Today’s article on the Land Rover Blog is by guest writer Alan King. Most of us who own a Land Rover will at some stage have considered an overland journey, most likely including some other aspect of outdoor adventure such as camping or off road exploration. I am sure I’m…

  • NewsAdventure Overland Show

    Adventure Overland Show 2013

    The biggest show of its type with the largest gathering of traders at any travel show in the UK, ADVENTURE OVERLAND 2013 … the 4×4, Bike & Trekking Travel Show weekend of 28-29 September 2013, promises to be something special this year … no mean feat considering this will only…

  • Genuine Land Rover Travel Journal

    Are you a traveller and want to keep a journal, or maybe just somebody that wants to keep a daily diary? If so, then today’s featured product is just for you! Take a look. Keep your memories alive by completing a travel journal on your next trip. Within the protective…

  • RGS Overland Workshop

    The Royal Geographical Society Overland Travel Workshop is an event held annually in York, in the north of England, and it’s coming up again in a few weeks time. The Overland Workshop brings desert guides, experienced overlanders, expedition navigators and expedition medics together to inform the interested traveller on how…

  • Land Rover Driving

    To Hel and Back

    Today I want to introduce you to another website I have been following over the past few weeks. Two lads from Buckinghamshire, Tom Picton and Carl James, are driving from England to Die Hel near Cape Town in South Africa, then attempting to drive back home again. Its a journey…

  • Land Rover DrivingRange Rover off Road at a pay and play site

    Where can I drive off road? Summary

    Over the past 4 weeks we have examined where you can drive off road in the UK, Europe & around the world. I hope you enjoyed reading it, and have found it useful. I would love you to comment on the series, and give me some feedback, so if you…

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