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    Take care when driving on flooded roads in your Land Rover

    How to drive your Land Rover on flooded roads

    With the amount of flooding all around the country right now, I thought I would post an article on how to drive your Land Rover in flooded conditions. To be fair, a lot of the tips can be applied to any car, but as you well know, a Land Rover…

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    My 110 in its element!

    Land Rover Winter Driving Tips

    As the big freeze continues, we have put together some great Land Rover winter driving tips that we have come across around the net. To be fair, some of the tips can be applied to any car, not just Land Rover’s, and there is some pretty handy tips in there.…

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    The view from the Landy on the Princetown to Dartmeet road

    How to use the Land Rover diff lock in snow & ice

    I have had a lot of questions recently about the use of the diff lock in snowy conditions. The simple answer is yes – use it! If you are driving on snow and ice and you think you are likely to loose traction, then engage diff lock. So here is…

  • How ToAlan's Land Rover Freelander in the snow

    How to drive your Land Rover in snow & ice

    With more heavy snow in the UK right now, having a Land Rover means it’s time for fun. The snow hasn’t reached us in the south west yet, but with most of eastern England under a heavy blanket of snow, it seems a lot of people are searching for how…

  • Preparation for driving in France

    As you have probably noticed by now by the last 2 weeks worth of how-to articles, I have been busy preparing my Discovery for an impending trip to France. I am heading down to the Île d’Oléron over the Easter weekend to meet up with some French friends for a…

  • Discovery Front Bumper Mod

    If you are going to be using your Discovery off road a lot, then here is a simple mod to enhance your Discovery’s approach angle. The approach angle is the size, or steepness of slope or obstacle, that can be can be approached or climbed without striking the bodywork. (the…

  • How ToAlan's Land Rover Freelander in the snow

    Snow and Ice Driving Tips

    As you can’t fail to have noticed, the UK has had the worst snowfall for nearly 20 years. When the snow fall’s every 4×4 driver gets excited, and i am no exception. But snow and ice is slippery, treacherously so, where hard packed snow and black ice are concerned. Luckily,…

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