• Land Rover FreelanderLand Rover Freelander TD4 HSE

    Introducing the Land Rover Blog Freelander!

    Its been around 3 years since I last owned a Land Rover product, and hence this website has been pretty dormant over that time. But now I have purchased a Land Rover Freelander TD4 HSE as a project car for future articles on the website. It took me weeks to…

  • Land Rover Driving
    60 Years of Land Rover

    Video: 60 years of Land Rover

    If you ever wanted a film to make you feel good about owning a Land Rover, then here it is! This video is right up there with another Land Rover 60th anniversary video that we posted up on the blog a year or two ago. Sit back and enjoy the…

  • Land Rover Freelander Haynes Workshop Manual

    It’s a Wednesday, so its time for a featured product. And this weeks product will keep all you Land Rover Freelander owners happy – its a Haynes workshop to help you service your own Freelander. Lets take a look: This book covers the following vehicles: Land Rover Freelander Petrol &…

  • Land Rover FreelanderAlan's Land Rover Freelander in the snow

    Land Rover Freelander Brake Light Problem

    I had this email the recently: Trying to debug this light that is on the dashboard for 2 days now. The Brake light (the same one that turns on when the hand brakes are pushed) is staying on all the time. I checked the handbrakes and they’re down. I checked…

  • Land Rover DrivingAlan's Land Rover Freelander in the snow

    Which Land Rover to take off roading? Freelander 1

    Always an underrated performer, the Freelander 1 is actually very good off road. You’ll need to take into account its lack of ground clearance, but then these days you have to do that with any vehicle with tyres smaller than the 235/85/16 standard on Defenders. Driving a Freelander is easy,…

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