• Land Rover Defender
    Land Rover Defender - Begininng of the end!

    Land Rover Defender: The beginning of the end…

    Defender production ends in Decemeber 2015, and Land Rover have gone back to the place where it all began to start a year-long celebration of the iconic Defender. A unique 1km sand drawing at Red Wharf Bay in Anglesey, UK, marks the launch of three exclusive limited edition models and…

  • Land Rover Defender

    Help required: Overheating Defender TD5

    Had an email this week from James, who is having problems with his Land Rover Defender TD5 overheating. Here’s the email: I have a TD5 which recently I noticed that the internal heating had stop as no hot air would come out. Then when driving on the M25 it decided…

  • How To
    Land Rover Defender heater intake snow cowl

    Fitting a Land Rover heater intake snow cowl

    Over the past few months the Land Rover has been running around without a heater box. I had to remove it to fix the heater blower motor which was not working due to water coming through the heater intake on the wing. It had been like this since I bought…

  • How To
    The newly flared pipe ready to be attched to the braided hose

    Photos: Fitting new front brake pipes to a Land Rover Defender

    At the end of last year, the Land Rover was off the road for a while as a brake pipe burst. It was caused by corrosion, that hadn’t been picked up by the MOT man a few months earlier! The brake pipe that burst, was the one which feeds the…

  • How To
    An easy way to stop your seat belt getting trapped in the door of your Land Rover Defender

    How to stop trapping your seat belt in the door of your Land Rover!

    I recently had an email question from a reader: This is my second Land Rover Defender 110 and I have had the same problem with both. Although it is minor it is frustrating, the seat belt continually gets caught in the door latch, do you know of any way I…

  • Land Rover Videos
    Deep Water Land Rover Video

    Deep water Land Rover video!

    Its always fun driving through deep water in your Land Rover. So if you can’t be out and about driving through water, then the next best thing is to watch Land Rovers being driven through deep water. So here you go!

  • How ToCheck the level, and top up if necessary using EP90 oil.

    How to top up the diff oil on a Land Rover

    Being a bit bored the other day, I would thought I would check out the diff oil levels (as you do!) on the Land Rover 110. Its a simple job that takes 5-10 minutes, so I thought it would make a good blog post, so here it is! About the…

  • How ToThe new oil and engine flush

    How to change the engine oil on a Land Rover Tdi

    With my Land Rover 110 running vegetable oil, regular engine oil changes are very important. Some residue from the vegetable oil can end up in the engine oil, and in worst case scenarios, turn the engine oil to sludge! So as I have had the 110 a few months now,…

  • Land Rover Driving
    60 Years of Land Rover

    Video: 60 years of Land Rover

    If you ever wanted a film to make you feel good about owning a Land Rover, then here it is! This video is right up there with another Land Rover 60th anniversary video that we posted up on the blog a year or two ago. Sit back and enjoy the…

  • How To
    Preparing the passenger side for painting

    Roller painting a Land Rover Defender 110

    If you have been following the painting progress on Twitter or Instagram, then you will know that last week I took advantage of the spell of decent weather to repaint the Land Rover 110. The 110 has been looking shabby ever since I had bought it. The marine blue paint…

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