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Snow and Ice Driving Tips

As you can’t fail to have noticed, the UK has had the worst snowfall for nearly 20 years.

When the snow fall’s every 4×4 driver gets excited, and i am no exception. But snow and ice is slippery, treacherously so, where hard packed snow and black ice are concerned.

Luckily, the superb 4×4 system of your Land Rover makes you better equipped than most drivers to tackle it – but only with extreme care and thought.

So let’s take a look at a few driving tips that you need to apply when driving in snow & ice.

Snow & Ice Driving Tips

Take care when driving on compacted ice & snow Tyres: Remember you are reliant on the amount of grip offered by your tyres. If you haven’t fitted snow chains then it can be tricky.

Diff Lock: Always engage diff lock or, on modern Land Rovers, select the snow & ice setting on the Terrain Response knob.

Speed: Always avoid excessive speed as a 2 ton Land Rover on a low friction surface is a frightening spectacle if it runs out of control.

Sudden Movements: Avoid any sharp movements of the steering wheel or sudden braking or acceleration, as it could send your car into a slide.

Braking: If you do need to brake, apply gentle cadence braking, which bascially means lots of short, sharp applications of the brake pedal in rapid sequence. Don’t stamp on the the brake pedal, or you and your Land Rover will soon be doing an impersonation of Bambi on ice.

Keep your distance: If travelling with other vehicles, avoid travelling too close to the car in front.

Recovery & Survival Gear

My Discovery in the snow on DartmoorYou must carry recovery and survival equipment in the vehicle, even if you are just travelling a few miles. A shovel could help you dig your way out of a snow drift and some old matting or hessian sacks could give you grip under spinning wheels when all else fails.

Make sure your mobile phone is fully charged, and if you have a CB fitted, make sure it’s working too. A decent tow rope is a worthwhile investment to keep in the back of your truck, both for your own recovery, or to help some stranded motorist.

Remember, that if you do get stuck and/or your engine packs up, your Land Rover can become an inhospitable place. So make sure you carry blankets, a flask of hot drink and some food – they could just save your life.

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