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Photos: Roller Painting the Land Rover 110!

Back in February I posted an article about preparing the roof for painting.

Well, the rest of the Landy is now catching up as I have taken advantage of the run of nice weather we have had recently.

It took about 4 days, on and off, to completely repaint the Land Rover. The paint was nato green military vehicle paint that I got from eBay, and was suitable for applying with a roller and brush. 2.5 litres was enough to do the whole Land Rover.

As I am using the Landy regularly off road, I wasn’t after a showroom finish, more of a functional finish! Therefore I prepared the surface as normal with sandpaper, but didn’t worry to much about the little imperfections and dents as its bound to get a few more.

The aluminium chequer plate on the bonnet was removed and treated with aluminium etch primer, and then sprayed matt black and riveted back in place.

The idea of the repaint was to spruce up the appearance with an easy to apply paint. Any scratches in the future can be fixed with a roller and some more nato green.

So here are the photos from the re-paint. There are still a few little areas to finish, like around the windscreen and the rock slider chequer plate, but I think you’ll agree it has really give the Land Rover a lift.


  1. Really good result from using a roller.

    Must admit, always thought that rollering was a bodge job, but looking at that it looks great.

    Very impressed :-)

  2. Thanks :)

    I think if you choose a paint which is designed to be applied with a roller or brush it is fine.

    Its difficult to see it has been applied with a roller and brush. Any brush marks just “drop” out the paint as it drys.

    If I had tried it with paint that is designed to be sprayed on, I would have had a very different results :lol:

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