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Photos: Fitting new front brake pipes to a Land Rover Defender

At the end of last year, the Land Rover was off the road for a while as a brake pipe burst. It was caused by corrosion, that hadn’t been picked up by the MOT man a few months earlier!

The brake pipe that burst, was the one which feeds the left hand front wheel. It is routed along the top of the front chassis cross-member (underneath the radiator) and had picked up dirt and grime over the years, so was in a prime spot for corrosion, and not easily visible.

So as this pipe needed replacing, what better time to overhaul the whole of the front brake system and fit new copper pipe and stainless braided hoses. While we were at it, we decided to re-route the brake pipe along the bulkhead instead, this way it will be protected and won’t be covered in dirt and road grime!

Fitting the stainless steel braided hoses was very straight forward. I removed the old pipe from mount on the chassis, and then unscrewed the other end from the brake calliper. Fitting the new ones was the reverse of removal.

The hardest part was making up the new copper brake pipes. We had to buy a pipe flaring tool to make up the new pipes, and had plenty of attempts at getting it right on offcuts before attempting to make up the actual pipes.

Actually fitting the new brake pipes took about a morning. The copper pipe was easily bent into shape, and the last flaring had to be completed on the Land Rover before attaching it to the union. When making up the pipes, don’t forget to add the screw unions onto the pipe before you flare the ends!

So here is the photo report of replacing the front brake pipes.

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  1. Mmm interesting that you got on with that tool. Too fiddly for me. I got a bench flaring tool which works nicely but copper is more forgiving than Cupro-nickel tubing so if you make the wrong flare it will press into shape.

    There is a lot to brake pipe flaring and we will be covering a tutorial on this on the LRTV soon.

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