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Off road prepared Range Rover V8

Back in a time when fuel was waaaay cheaper than it is today (1995), I bought one of my 1st Solihull products: 1978 3.5ltr V8 Range Rover.

It was a completely standard white 2 door model, but it wasn’t about to stay that way for long!

Over the course of a year I transformed it into a go anywhere off roader, complete with winch and mud terrain tyres.

The first thing I did was buy a wheel and tyre package. I opted for Yokohama mud terrain tyres, on white 8 spoke steel wheels.

My Range Rover V8 at David Bowyers off road schoolAt the time, a friend of mine owned a garage that did a lot of 4×4 repairs. In the back yard he had a defender winch bumper – which was soon to be mine!

Using his skill’s in the workshop, and some clever cutting and welding, we modified the Defender winch bumper to fit on the front of my Range Rover. Now all I had to do was find a winch.

Well I saved up some dosh and bought myself a new Superwinch X9 that fitted straight into the modified winch bumper. We wired it up using a 2nd battery and a split charge kit so it didn’t discharge the main vehicle battery should the going get tough.

Off road in the Range Rover at David Bowyer's off road schoolNow I was all set and needed somewhere to try it all out. What better place then an off road school run by David Bowyer in mid Devon.

So me and a mate enrolled in a 2 day course of off road driving and winching techniques.

All I can say is wow – what an eye-opener. The Range Rover was very capable, even on the challenging terrain at David Bowyers off road centre. He made sure we put the machine through it’s paces, and it didn’t disappoint.

We learnt how to drive off road, and learn how to recovery ourselves and other vehicles. The information I learnt over the course of that weekend has proved invaluable on some many occasions.

My Range Rover recovering a Vauxhall Frontera!I still use the what I learnt to this day – so if you want a good introduction to off roading, winching and recovery techniques, then I would definitely recommend a day or two at an off road school.

This is how I got addicted to Land Rover’s and off roading. This is where it all started!

Countless vehicles later, I still have the “Landy bug”, and it doesn’t show any sign of disappearing! What is so special about the green oval that makes you get so addicted to them? – answers on a postcard please (or in the comments below!)

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