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Land Rover MOT time!

The dreaded MOT is coming up at end of the month on the Land Rover, and I’m not that hopeful of a pass as it stands at the moment!

I have identified a few things that need sorting out before I put it in for the all important test.

So in today’s post I am going to outline a few things that I need to sort out in the coming weeks.

  • Suspension/trailing arms/radius bushes – I bought a poly bush kit for the Land Rover a couple of weeks ago, but haven’t got around to putting them on the Land Rover yet. The current rubber bushes leave a lot to be desired, so they have to be done soon!
  • New brake master cylinder – The brakes are generally ok, but there is a small leak in the master cylinder which means i sometimes have to “pump” the brake pedal twice to get a firmer pedal. I doubt it will pass the MOT brake test, so this will be changed in the coming weeks.
  • Handbrake adjustment – The handbrake needs adjusting, as it pulls all the way up at the moment. I adjusted it a few months back, but could do with another adjustment just to be on the safe side.
  • Welding – There is a few spots on the chassis which *may* not pass, but I will put it in for the test anyway, and see if the areas I am worried about are a pass or fail. If it fails, then a blog post about welding your Land Rover will be on the way!
  • Windscreen Wipers – Easy to replace and cheap!

So that is my main areas for concern for the MOT. I will still do some checks on some other easy areas, like lights, indicators, wheel bearings, exhaust etc, but if I address the above areas I am pretty confident of a pass!

As I progress through the list I will add the articles to the website.

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