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Land Rover Freelander Brake Light Problem

I had this email the recently:

Trying to debug this light that is on the dashboard for 2 days now. The Brake light (the same one that turns on when the hand brakes are pushed) is staying on all the time. I checked the handbrakes and they’re down. I checked the brake lights and they are functioning. What could it be? I don’t have the owner’s manual for it either. If I can find that I think it would be helpful. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

This is how I would go about finding the fault.

I’d start with the simple (least expensive!) things first.

Somewhere on, or just underneath the handbrake assembly, will be a switch which will turn the dash light off when the handbrake is released. I would look here first.

Could be a faulty switch, loose wire or a bad earth – all inexpensive to fix.

Check the brake fluid level under the bonnet too – probably won’t be that – but worth a look anyway.

I would also post on a Land Rover forum to ask somebody with a Freelander manual if they can check that the light isn’t indicating something more serious.

Hope this helps in giving you a heads up on where to start!

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  1. First place I would check would be the brake pads. Handbrake switches rarely give problems and, although I don’t know about Freelanders specifically, this light usually doubles up as a brake pad warning light. The fact that it comes on with the handbrake is considered more a bulb check.

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