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Land Rover 200Tdi Cambelt Change: Photo Report

The new cambelt in placeFollowing the purchase of the 200Tdi engine a few weeks back, work has been progressing on the engine to prepare it to be fitted to the 110.

My dad has been painstaking cleaning the engine to get rid of all the black oily deposits around the block and cylinder head. Once it was all cleaned up, we could then remove the cambelt cover to change the cam belt and various oil seals inside.

When we opened the cam belt housing it was covered in an oily mess – an oil seal had been leaking somewhere. As it turned out, it was the camshaft oil seal that had been leaking and the pulley had been spraying oil around the inside of the casing.

We cleaned up all the oil with white spirit, and then proceeded changed the camshaft and crankshaft oil seals for good measure and then fit a new cam belt.

Here is the photo report of the work we did.

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