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How to tint the rear windows of a Land Rover

Tinting the rear windows of a Land RoverIf you have been following the blog over the past few weeks, you will have seen I have been on a quest to make a secure area in the back of the Landy.

Firstly I ditched the windows by fitting hardtop sides and then fitted a dog guard and then modified it into a bulkhead.

I have now turned my attention to the rear windows, and set about tinting them to stop prying eyes. I sourced my window tint film from eBay. I got 3mtrs x 76cm for about £5 including delivery.

This was more than enough to do the main window and the two quarter-light windows, and meant that I had plenty left over should I make a mistake!

Here's how I did it

Choosing the film

I wanted the tint dark enough to stop prying eyes, but light enough that I could still see out the back windows at night. So after speaking to a few companies, I elected for 15% dark smoke film. This lets 15% of the light through, and allows satisfactory vision at night.

I was looking at going for 5% limo black, but after speaking to a few people they suggested that it would be difficult to see out whilst night driving.

How to apply window film

I watched the following video to get some tips on how to tint windows! Even though the demonstration is for a house window, the same principle applies to car windows too.

So armed with the above information, I gathered the tools and proceeded to have a go at the 2 smaller quarter-light windows first.

Tinting the quarter-light windows

The quarter-light glass was removed and cleaned - it made it easier to apply to filmI decided to take the 2 small windows out so I could apply tint right up to the edges. It made it a lot easier to handle and apply the film too.

It was pretty straight forward, I followed the instructions in the video and used a stanley knife blade to "scrape" any dirt from the glass.

The results were good for a first timer!

Tinting the main rear window

Cleaning the inside of the rear doorThis window was a little bit trickier as I couldn't remove the glass. I used the same principle to clean the glass.

Because of the size of the film piece needed for the main window, I enlisted the help of my father to help cut and apply the film to the window - 2 pairs of hands really came in handy when manoeuvring the film into position on the wet window.

The end result

So here it is, the results of my first attempt at window tinting. I am pretty impressed to be honest, there's no streaks, tears or bubbles!

As you can see, if you take your time and enlist a helper for the more difficult bits, then you can get awesome quality results.

With the tint applied, you can still see out - but can't see in!The end result - no prying eyes into the back of the Landy now!
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