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How to stop trapping your seat belt in the door of your Land Rover!

I recently had an email question from a reader:

This is my second Land Rover Defender 110 and I have had the same problem with both. Although it is minor it is frustrating, the seat belt continually gets caught in the door latch, do you know of any way I could prevent this happening?

Here’s my reply:

Thanks for your question.

Yes, I can confirm its very frustrating always catching your seat beat in the door on Defenders, I have done it loads of times myself.

I’m not sure if the seat design has changed on newer models, but the way I get round it on my Defender is to tuck the seat belt behind the seat tilt adjuster. This keeps it well away from the door catch – as can be seen in the photo above.

Also another solution can be found here, but you would need to make a small bracket: Seat Belt Saver

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