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How to insulate the roof of a Land Rover

With all this cold weather around lately, I’ve been feeling it a little in the Land Rover.

So in an effort to make thing’s a little more toasty, I set about insulating the roof with some eco-friendly loft insulation I had knocking around in the garage.

It’s not the usual fibreglass type insulation (bad idea in a car), but a recycled plastic equivalent called Eco Wool.

Here’s how I did it.

How to insulate the roof of a Land Rover

This is an easy job and doesn’t take more than an hour. For this job you will need

  • 1 roll of eco loft insulation
  • Sharp stanley knife
  • Spare trim fasteners – you will break some!

Condensation on the inside of the roof1: The first thing you have to do is remove the headlining from the Land Rover. It’s pretty easy, you just have to remove the plastic press fit studs that are around the edges.

You may find you break some, so make sure you get some spares. Any car accessory shop should stock trim fasteners, and the are about 50p each.

When I removed the headlining out of the 110, you could see the roof was wet with condensation, as shown in the photo on the right.

2: Next measure the roof, and cut the Eco Wool to size using a sharp stanley knife. As ever, measure twice, but once!

The insulation in place behind the roof lining3: Fit the Eco Wool above the headlining. It’s a 2 person job, so make sure somebody is there to give you a hand.

Trying to fit it by yourself is a bit of a headache, and results in lot’s of swearing – I know, I tried. ;)

4: Refit the press fit trim fasteners to the headlining and secure it in place. Job done.


The insulation made a noticeable difference to the temperatures in the car. It definitely stays warmer for longer. The only downside is the condensation is now on the bare side panels and floor, so the next stage is to insulate these as well. I won’t be using Eco wool for this, but closed cell foam (camping mat style) and the silver reflective bubble type insulation. But that is for another day!

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