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How to fix a Land Rover Defender Indicator Fault

One of the first thing’s I needed to do to my newly acquired Land Rover 110 was to fix the indicator fault.

Basically I had no direction indicators and had to investigate why this was. A quick search on the internet showed it would most likely be a hazard switch fault or the indicator relay.

So armed with some basic tools and a multimeter, this is how I went about fixing my indicators!

How to fix a Land Rover Indicator Fault

For this job you are going to need:

  • Multimeter
  • 10mm spanner/socket
  • Screwdriver

1: The first thing you want to do, is go the LR 4×4 forums and print off this page.

The page on the LR 4×4 forums explains how the indicator system work’s and the wire colouring.

2: I started off with checking the hazard switch as shown in the LR4x4 article. Follow the instructions and you should soon be able to determine if you have a faulty switch.

If it turns out to be faulty, then replace the switch and it’s job done!

3: My switch turned out to be fine, and by putting the permanent live feed to each indicator showed that the wiring in the Landy was ok too. So now I had to check the indicator relay.

4: The fuses and relays are located behind the panel in front of the gearstick, so start by removing the panel. (see pic’s)

Fuses and relays are located behind this panel

With the panel removed this is what you see

5: The metal fuse panel has to be removed to gain access to the relay, so undo the 2 10mm bolts at either end of the panel.

6: With the fuse panel removed, you will see the large rectangular relay as shown in the pic below.

It was pretty clear that my relay was shot, as water had got in it at some point, so a quick trip to the local Halfords was in order to get a new relay.

It is a 4 pin relay, and the original relay was made by Hella. The new relay was £12.99, and for reference was Halfords flasher unit number 206.

Land Rover Defender Indicator relay location (circled)

Old indicator relay (left) and the new one (right)

7: Fit the new relay and check the indicators.

8: Reassemble the fuse panel, which is the reverse of removal.

The relay did turn out to be the problem for me, and as soon as the new one was fitted, the indicators and hazards worked.

So there you have it – hopefully I have given you a few places to start when trying to locate an indicator fault on your Land Rover.

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  1. I have a 94 NAS defender. It starts easily, and runs smooth, pulls strong, and shifts well. Doesn’t overheat and is a joy, until you turn it off, then it won’t start for four hours! Starter cranks fine but nothing happens as if no spark or no fuel. Mechanic put new coil and distributor cap in , battery,solenoid fine. Gets fuel fine when restarts. Is there some sensor of computer fault here??

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