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How to change the fuel filter on a Land Rover Defender

The location of the fuel filter on a Land Rover DefenderI have been running the Landy on a mix of veg oil and diesel for a number of weeks now its advisable to change the fuel filter regularly when running vegetable oil.

With a trip to Wales coming up, I thought it would be best to do it before I go. Fuel filters aren't expensive, and it's a simple job taking around 5 minutes .

This is how you do it:

Removing the fuel filter

The fuel filter is located on bulk head, to left hand side of the engine. (see pic above)

Location of the fuel filter bleed screw1: Start by cleaning the area around the filter head.

2: Place a container beneath the fuel filter to catch any spillage.

3: Loosen the bleed screw (shown in the photo) using a 10mm spanner

4: Unscrew the drain tap on the bottom of the filter until the fuel starts coming out into your the container.

5: Once all the fuel is drained from the filter, unscrew the whole filter assembly.

Fitting the new fuel filter

6: Clean the seal & seating on the new filter.

7: Put a small amount of fuel around the rubber seal to lubricate it.

8: Screw the new filter onto the filter head and tighten by hand.

Priming the new fuel filter

You now have two options to prime the fuel filter; use the fuel lift pump, or crank the engine over until it starts!

Option 1: Using the lift pump:
The lift pump is located on the side of the engine, and has a little level which you press to draw the fuel through the system. It is located on the left hand side of the engine (when viewed from the front of the Land Rover) and is behind the fuel injection pump. (see first pic below)

1:Leave the bleed screw loose.

2:Pump the lever on the lift pump until fuel starts coming out of the bleed screw. (Second pic below)

3:Tighten the bleed screw.

Fuel lift pump and lever locationPump fuel through until it comes out of the bleed screw like this!

Option 2: Using the engine:
1: Tighten the bleed screw.

2: Crank the engine until fuel is drawn through the system and the engine starts.

That's all there is to it!

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  1. Hello

    Have you ever changed the fuel sedimenter down the back near the fuel tank? I could do with a step-by-step guide for that, as I have yet to even find it, let alone change it sucessfully.

  2. The reason you can’t find the fuel sedimenter on your Land Rover is because I don’t think they were fitted to the Defenders.

    The few Discoverys I have had have had sedimentors, but none of the Defenders ever have.

    My 110 doesn’t have one that’s for sure!

  3. Thanks for the blog post, wasn’t able to find the lever reading the Haynes manual…didn’t manage to unscrew the filter with my hands, will need to get a filter strap or something.

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