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How to be green – in a 4×4!

How to be green in a 4x4Just by owning a Land Rover you are endorsing a company that does it’s utmost to protect the environment, with green schemes like its carbon offset program – which compensates for the CO2 the company’s manufacturing processes generate.

But of course, being a green Land Rover owner means more than that. Let’s take a look at some ways you can be more environmentally friendly when you go off-roading or greenlaning.

Land Rover Maintenance

If you are going to be green, then it starts before you even leave home:

  • Is your Land Rover properly serviced & maintained?
  • If it’s diesel, are the fuel injectors in good condition?

Just these couple of things will make a difference to your fuel economy, which in turn means fewer emissions, which is a big thumbs up for the environment.

  • Do your vehicle’s gearbox, diff’s or axles leak oil?

You don't want to cause an oil slick whilst wading!If so, then get them fixed. All seals should be in good condition, because you don’t want to leave behind an oil slick when you go wading through rivers or streams!

Remember, if you do your own maintenance & servicing, then make sure you dispose of old engine oil, brake pads, batteries, etc in an environmentally-friendly way. Contact your local council, as they should have allocated sites for you to drop off and dispose of these items correctly.

  • Do you leave behind a cloud of blue smoke?

If you do, you’re burning oil, and that isn’t good for the environment! Black smoke? Well thats a fueling problem, and either way you better get if fixed if you want to be a green Land Rover owner.

If you are driving a thirsty petrol Landy, then you could opt for a liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) conversion. There is less financial incentive to switch now though, as the Government has been increasing duty on LPG – but it is definitely better for the environment.

Green Driving

There are a number of driving techniques that will help lower your emissions.

Keep your revs low to minimise emissions. Never rev the engine unnecessarily, and if you are at a standstill waiting for your buddy to climb the hill, why not switch off the engine for a few minutes – it does make a difference.

If your Land Rover has a diff-lock, or modern traction enhancement devices like Terrain Response, use them carefully on low-traction surfaces, so you can avoid excessive wheelspin and harm to the environment.

If the greenlane you are planning to drive is very wet or muddy, turn back and don’t tackle it. Causing deep rut’s is not good, and definitely unfriendly to the environment.

Remember when you are driving greenlanes, stick to the correct route. Don’t make detours or damage the ground, and never treat green lanes as a test for your new mud terrain tyres or winch – not only does it damage the environment, it could lead to vehicles being banned from the route – something that has happened a lot in the past, thanks to the minority of irresponsible 4×4 drivers.

You want to respect the country code too. Close gates after you have driven through them and take all your litter home with you – leaving it behind is unsightly, not eco-friendly, and it could pose a risk to wildlife & livestock.


So there you have it. A brief round up of ways you can be a greener Land Rover owner.

With all the bad press that 4×4 owners get, if you follow these tip’s then you are well on the way to doing your part to lessen your impact on the environment when out driving.

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