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France Road Trip – Discovery performance de-brief!

img_7393Well, I am pleased to report that I am back on UK soil, and there were no problems with the Discovery during the 750 mile round trip to France.

As with all holidays, it went far to fast, but we got in some awesome skimboarding and surfing, and had fun chilling with our French friends on the island of Oleron.

So having completed a successful trip, it’s now down to compute how well the car did, and what sort of MPG it was giving on the run down through France.

The calculation used to work out the MPG is as follows:

Fuel used (litres) x 0.22 = Gallons used
Number of miles / gallons used = MPG

So lets have a look at what the Discovery used:

  • Fuel used: 130 litres
  • Total price of fuel: 112 Euros
  • Miles covered: 770 miles
  • Average MPG: 27

French Eric skimboarding on OleronI must be honest, I am pretty pleased with that. I wasn’t exactly hanging around on the French motorways and toll roads, and was averaging between 70 and 80mph.

Travelling at 70-80mph hit the fuel consumption a bit, and if had stuck at a steady 60mph, then I reckon the MPG figure would have been over 30.

Overall, I am happy with the performance and reliability of the Discovery on its first major trip aboard.

Bring on the next road trip!

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